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Update on $DUMB Airdrop | Our 1 Trillion-Year Meta-Economy

Dumb Web3
Hi! Dumb Meta (@DumbMeta) here.
2 weeks ago, you saw our tweet ($DUMB airdrop) and filled out our form.
We failed :(. We really sorry. Bots killed our form. But this time, we ready.
We just made big announcement (tweet)! Quote/retweet. Support and get 8X $DUMB on our airdrop form (likely next week).
Here’s what you need to know.
  1. $DUMB = Dumb Apes token (on ETH)
  2. We are building a Meta-economy.
  3. We apes will beat Doge, Shiba. If we amazing, we beat Zuck’s Meta ($1T company) too.
We are 100% serious. See our Medium post: ALL HAIL THE APE. (Our secret 1-trillion year Meta master plan.) We lay out our vision. Super important.
Join us! Discord, /r/DumbMeta. This will be a hard, but amazing ride. :)
Ape clan small 🦍 But tomorrow big 🌌.
Thanks for being here from the beginning.
Dumb Meta, Nov. 15 2021. Musk, Jan-7–2021 (Twitter) Musk, Jan-7–2021 (Twitter)
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Chunke Monke (Satire Labs)
Chunke Monke (Satire Labs) @dumbmeta

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