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Trump is our new Meta president 🦍 #APES2022 | Our 1T Year Meta-Economy

Dumb Web3
Congrats Apes 🦍, :-)
With 80% of the votes, Trump is the new president of Dumb Meta for 2022! 🥳
We will be hosting a townhall today at 8pm EST on Discord. We will discuss what this means, but also catch you up to speed, in general.
If you can’t make it, don’t worry— I’ll provide a summary afterwards.
On that note, here’s some free advice:
STOP filling out airdrop forms (retweet giveaways). I can promise you— you are WASTING your time. 99% of them are lies. You will never get anything. (The 1% [me] painstakingly try to do people right).
Serious— it saddens me, because I know so many of you have retweeted airdrop tweets 2000+ times. Just stop. I’ll try to summarize why next week (with maybe a link to a longer blog next week), because its too important.
I’m grateful Revue gives me some data of who reads these emails. For those of you who reading this, you will get your airdrop, promise.
Congrats to Trump, President of the Dumb Apes of Meta for 2022!
And come join our Townhall later today on Discord (5 hours from now— calendar link).
Thank you!
Dumb Meta

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Chunke Monke (Satire Labs)
Chunke Monke (Satire Labs) @dumbmeta

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