Dumb Web3

By Chunke Monke (Satire Labs)

Big changes already underway. 🦍 #APES2022 | Our 1T Year Meta-Economy





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Dumb Web3
How are you doing? Hopefully well!
Big changes are already underway (pre-2022!)
  1. We sent our 1st team welcome email: “This is 100% your journey— and you will succeed.” Join us. (DM me, ChunkeMonke#9354.)
  2. Our 2022 roadmap is here. See “🇺🇸│2-roadmap” on our Discord.
  3. We made a comparison table of DUMB vs meme tokens. It’s also on Discord, but here’s a direct image link.
  4. “We Will Make Apes Great Again!”@DumbApeTrump in 2022. Townhall summary (“Why Trump?”) next week.
Finally, 2 days ago, I sent out an email on Trump and Airdrops. Some of you asked, “Why not just make this a newsletter?” You’re right.
Going forward, our emails will be mostly analyses on Web3 (economy, culture, etc.) and how Dumb Meta fits into the picture.
For the rest of the email, I will explain why.
3) 60% of you really enjoy what I write.
When we were Satire Labs, few people read it (13 Twitter followers). But a high % bought our NFT Dumb SolPunks anyway. Now that we’re Dumb Meta, many of you tell me I’m an interesting read— whether it’s my Master Plan, our apology, or dumb jokes.
So whether you learn or disagree with me, it’ll be fun. (Yes, we will provide updates too.) You will see how we win or fail, how we (hopefully) go from 1 to 1M to 1B apes 🦍., and know our mistakes + insights along the way.
1) 80% of you are here for our “Meme to Meta” journey. Not airdrops.
Many of you fill out 100+ airdrop forms a month. So if you’re still reading, it’s because you like our idea. You want to learn if this is a project you should support. These emails will provide an opportunity for us to explain our strategy (big picture) and tactical (day-to-day) thinking that leads to the decisions and progress we make. You can judge for yourself, how dumb or smart our ideas are in the Web3 fight for culture and capital.
2) 100% of you are high quality humans. You have a unique POV.
1000 high quality readers > 100K low quality followers. This is a fact.
If you are still reading our emails, you are probably more intellectually curious with longer attention span than your average ape. And we need more people like you to maximize our chance of success. So please share this with your other high quality friends too.
I’m open to all criticisms, suggestions, ideas, etc. Truly. Ideally, you understand my thought processes (from these emails) first though. After all, this is an extremely unique project (experiment) with guaranteed chaos.
We will still provides updates (on airdrops, upcoming pipeline, help needed), etc— but that won’t be the primary focus. Read for stupid jokes and strategy/POV from someone with skin in the game (me), you know?
Thank you!
Have a wonderful week.
Chunke Monke Musk (Dumb Meta)
Sign up (or refer) our Meta today: dumbmeta.com/new-ape

Got a better image/idea for "Dumb Ape" Trump? Reply back— let me know!
Got a better image/idea for "Dumb Ape" Trump? Reply back— let me know!
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Chunke Monke (Satire Labs)
Chunke Monke (Satire Labs) @dumbmeta

Only the stupid survive.

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